Our School Council provides an important conduit for the school to engage meaningfully with our community, parents, staff and students.

School Council is the governing body of the school made up of parents, teachers and members of the community. School Council meets to discuss and decide on a range of issues relating to school governance. It is supported by the work done by its subcommittees. The Lathlain Primary School Council has ten members and meets regularly throughout the year.

Our Role

The role and function of the Council is to (but not limited to):

  • Review school performance and endorse school improvement plans
  • Accept and endorse (and contribute to) the Annual Report.
  • Endorse School Policy (and develop as required)
  • Endorse the annual finances through:
    • Budget approval
    • Approval of the scale of Fees, Charges and Contributions
    • Monitor annual income and expenditure through finance committee reports.
  • Other matters as relevant to the effective running and performance of the school

Refer to the following documents for a more detailed explanation of the role of the School Council:


Minutes of all School Council meetings held throughout the year will be included below, once they have been passed at each subsequent meeting as a true and correct record of events.

2020 School Council Members

In 2020 your School Council Representatives are:


  • Mark Wallace (School Council Chair)
  • Breanna Young
  • Carly Davis
  • Jenny Beer
  • Sheryl Daniels
  • Alex King


  • Ian Bersan
  • Tamara Milford
  • Callum Morrison
  • Nick Vukovic
  • Dianne Rose