Image and Work Publishing Permission Form

Dear Parents,

Your permission is sought for the school to publish video or photographic images of your child and/or samples of your child’s school work to be used by the school and the Department of Education. The purpose of using the images or work will be activities such as promoting the school, school events and student achievements.

Your child’s image and/or school work may be published for the above purposes in a range of formats such as hardcopy and digital, including audio and video file formats, and published to a range of media including but not limited to school newsletters, email, school and Department of Education intranet and internet sites including social media websites (e.g. Facebook, YouTube etc.), any third party applications and local newspapers in hardcopy and digital formats, which may enable viewers/readers to identify your child.

The school will endeavour to limit identifying information that accompanies images of your child or child’s work; however, there will be occasions when your child’s name, class and school may be published along with images.

If you agree to this use of your child’s image and school work please complete the consent below and return this whole permission form to the school at your earliest convenience. Once signed, the consent will remain effective until such time as you advise the school otherwise.

  • to the videoing or photographing of my child and my child’s school work during school activities for use by the school and the Department of Education in the ways stated above.

    IMPORTANT: I understand that while the school and Department of Education will only publish my child’s information for the above-stated purposes, the internet is accessible by any person worldwide. I understand that my child’s information can be accessed, copied and used by any other person using the internet (e.g. shared through social media such as Facebook, YouTube, etc.).

    I understand that once my child’s information has been published on the internet the school and Department of Education have no control over its subsequent use and disclosure. I understand that I can withdraw this permission at any time by contacting the school or Department in writing; however, this will not affect materials that have already been published and disseminated.
  • Entering your email address will send confirmation of your submission and email a copy to your inbox.