Lathlain Primary School P & C Association

Lathlain Primary School enjoys a strong parent and community involvement, which is facilitated through an active and productive group of parents representing the Lathlain Primary School Parents and Citizens Association (P&C).

The P&C believes in inclusiveness, community and transparency and represents the interest of parents and members of the local community and is a collaboration between staff and parents to create a supportive culture of community and learning.

The Lathlain Primary School P & C has its own P&C website on which you will find minutes, proposals, flyers, procedures and more that is shared with the community and the Internet at large.

Parents of students at the school may become members of the P&C Committee upon payment of a nominal fee of $1.

The Lathlain Primary School Parents & Citizens Association supports Lathlain Primary School in its mission to provide a high quality culture and environment for learning, friendship and personal development, for the benefit of all students, parents and teachers as well as the local community.

The P&C addresses the needs of students and areas of improvement highlighted by parents, teachers and local community members.
Prioritisation of funding for projects is determined by consultation with these groups.

Activities that the P&C undertakes include:

  • Coordinating the Uniform Shop and the Canteen.
  • Communicating information from teachers to parents.
  • Building community through social events i.e. Fathering Project.
  • Liaising with the School Council and the local council.

P & C Members 2020

President: Jenny Beer

Vice President: Carla Elliott

Secretary: David Crabbe

Treasurer: Jarred Prue

Executive Committee
Jenny Beer, Carla Elliott,  Jarrad Prue, Tanya Skidmore, Jayne Paganini, Ange Tulk, Maxine Petty, Cirsten Werndly, Jade Wallace, Janie Blomfield and David Crabbe

Scholastics Book Club
Sara Daly

Uniform Shop
Ange Tulk – Coordinator
Natalie West
Jade Wallace

Fiona Henderson Manager – Email:
Tanya Skidmore Coordinator
Wendy Harrison
Jen Varnavides
Seonaid Clough
Jayne Paganini

Class Representative Coordinator
Jenny Watts – Email:

Events and Fundraising Committee Convenor
Maxine Petty – Email: