Physical Education at Lathlain Primary School

Lathlain Primary School’s Physical Education program is focused on the implementation of students Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS), Locomotor and Object control skills. Within these skills students develop and apply the SEPEP model which facilitates student centred approach to Physical Education.

Year 3-6. The year three to six program is based on specific seasonal sports which encourages inclusivity, participation, teamwork and cooperation in all sports and skills. Students participate in the Faction Swimming Carnival, Cross Country and Faction Athletics Carnival. Senior students are also involved in the Victoria Park School Sports Association Interschool sports and events along with West Coast Fever and Eagles Cup competitions.

PP-2. The Pre-Primary to Year 2 program focuses on the development of skill acquisition, inclusivity, teamwork and active participation in FMS in all sporting lessons and activities. These skills facilitate students physical, social and emotional development along with their Interpersonal skills and awareness of self and others.

At Lathlain, there is an emphasis on resilience, perseverance, respect and confidence in all Physical Education lessons and activities.

The school also has an active engagement with the community in our sports program. On Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays the school’s Running Club invites the participation of parents in getting fit together and helping monitor students running achievements.

Assessment is based on The Western Australian Curriculum and judging standards. Ipads are used for assessment, peer reflection and moderation.