The contributions and charges are set by the school and endorsed by the school council.

The annual Voluntary Contributions are $60 per student per year.

View the complete Lathlain Primary School schedule of contributions and charges. The charges include proposed incursion and excursion costs and the estimated costs of other programs and activities such as swimming lessons and Edu Dance. The schedule allows parents and carers calculate all possible costs that you might incur throughout the school year.

Cash and EFTPOS Payments can be made to the school office or electronically to:

Lathlain Primary School

BSB: 016 263

Account No: 340949204

The P&C Voluntary Contribution is set by the P&C and provide valuable extra resources and support for the benefit of Lathlain school students.

One/two child/ren                   $30.00 per child
Three or more children            $70.00 per family group

P&C Contributions can be paid to the school bank account.