Intake Area

Lathlain Primary School’s local-intake area will be changing in 2018 and will include an enrolment entitlement for families living in the area indicated in the attached map. It is broadly bound by Orrong Road, the Swan River foreshore, the railway line and Leach Highway.

The changes will come into effect from 2018 and will not affect any current enrolments from Pre-Primary to Year 6 or any new enrolments at Lathlain Primary School from families that reside in the new local-intake area. As Kindy is non-compulsory, Kindy students who reside outside the local-intake area will not be guaranteed a place for Pre-Primary unless they have an older sibling already enrolled in the school for 2018. 

Currently, Lathlain does not have a local intake area so the only criterion for prioritising enrolments is proximity to the school. However, as of 2018, the local-intake boundary will come into effect.

2018 Intake Map