Our Vision

Lathlain Primary School aims to provide students with a safe, secure and stimulating learning environment, led by committed professionals where quality learning, teaching and assessments contribute to a holistic education for students.

Mission Statement

Together we ‘Seek, Strive and Learn’ to maximise each child’s cognitive, social, physical, cultural and emotional development. Staff promote values where everyone is respected, and acceptance of diversity is a part of the ethos across classrooms. Positive partnerships with parents and members of the wider community are important aspects of Lathlain’s provision for its students.

Our Values

  • Learning – We believe all students have the capacity to learn. We are committed to fostering lifelong learning and valuing efforts made by students in their learning journeys.
  • Excellence – We have high expectations for every student. We encourage each student to strive towards further learning in academic and non-academic areas.
  • Equity – We endeavour to create an environment that is free from discrimination, exploitation or abuse. We value the individual and adhere to The Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians. We believe that early childhood is a celebration of learning and honour of diversity that when valued and nurtured appropriately, fosters individuals that can positively contribute to their community and the greater society.